Banking Assistance

In house banking counters with our banking counters makes opening a bank account easier, and quicker.

Opening A Bank Account

Business entities and high-net-value individuals from various nationalities strive to open a bank account in Dubai, UAE. There are numerous formalities to open a UAE business bank account. And we can help you identify the best business bank account in the UAE.

With Unique Silver Fox, opening bank account in Dubai for non-residents or corporate entities becomes extremely easy. While bank account opening requirements can look complicated, Unique Silver Fox Business Setup aids you through the right banks in the region that offer low tariffs on banking facilities, simplified reporting system, high quality of services and competitive fees.

To have an account in the best bank in Dubai or to know about any of the UAE banks or offshore banking services, speak to our business setup consultants.

Bank Guarantee for Business Setup

There are mainly two parties involved in the process of Bank Guarantee – Principal Debtor and Beneficiary for the bank. Unique Silver Fox assist you by becoming an enacting principal debtor making you the beneficiary. Through this, Unique Silver Fox enhances the creditworthiness of your company to secure a bank guarantee.